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Name:I'm not telling you
One thing no one knows is is that im a premie by a month
Hobbies: Playing with my cats, riding my bike, drawing, writing songs, and hanging out with my family.
Where i live: United states soccer and baseball mac and cheese
I want to be a vet technician after highschool. I know some of you are probably asking why not become a vet since they earn more? Well yes they earn more around $91,000 a year, but that depends on your degree, how many hours a week you work, and how much you get paid. There are some jobs that i couldn't do as well.

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Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends
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Thanks dashie for always being there for me when u can. Words could never say enough how close we've become together i hope this closeness never ends.

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thank you for not leaving this world forever I've already lost one friend which is one to many from suicide he did cut to deal with it then killed himself. I know you considered it better off if they didn't find you, but im glad they did because i would've lost a friend i care about so much. Listen no matter what anyone tells you you're fine just the way you are.Iyou jacob i know i hurt you and im sorry but please don't die on me i remember when i first met you on plaza vaguely though.

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Ok before i start this i just wanna say one thing *poof you're a banana* i just felt like being random. Man it's been 5 years since i met you gee how time flies i love you jamal i still remember the day i met you like it was yesterday. I can't see myself without you in my life jamal you touched me very much. You're the petals to my flower, i kind of suck at romantic poetry fyi the sun to my sky honey guide to the honeybadger. I did say i suck i literally did. I you very much i couldn't say that a million times and still get to how much i love you jamal. *poof you're not a banana anymore*

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juan,timmy,jamal,dashie,rocket, allie, rawr2you, joey, etc.

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Darth,shane,queenmerci, alphys, etc.

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Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 3755-2009-4480

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