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Profile by Me
'Me' meaning DarkSoul, in case you were confused.

For the record, no, my profile isn't shades of black, white, and red because I'm full of angst and hate my life.
They're just my favorite colors, and I find that it hurts my eyes less to read text white-on-black.
So deal.
About me:

The Basic Stuff

19 / March 6, 1999

5'8" / 135 pounds

Hair Color/Skin Color/Eye color:
Ginger / Peach (or just white) / Brown

Cats, Dogs, Snakes, Sugar Gliders

Black, Red, Purple, Silver


Oak fires

TV Shows:
The Flash
Rick & Morty

Sword Art Online
Attack on Titan
Blue Exorcist
One Punch Man

The Avengers: Infinity War

Five Finger Death Punch
My Chemical Romance
many others, depending on my mood

The Light by Disturbed

Other Stuff
A little crazy.

On-and-off member since 2014.

Author, artist, computer nerd.

Skateboarder, freerunner, martial artist.


US Army Soldier
35Foxtrot (Intelligence Analyst), 1st Platoon, Charlie Company, 2nd Battalion 47th Infantry Regiment, Fort Benning, Georgia.

Feel free to PM me about anything and everything.
I know a lot more than I look.

Words to Live By
sauvj de suikf modf dfela mfe ojlisd aei-na ev ud dfay-na dfao moss jed gjem dfa tohhavajla-na
'Learn to laugh with those who insult you. Or at them. They will not know the difference.'
te jes dvo de hevla aeiv ebojoej ejde edfavl ijsall aei uva hovld mossojk de fauv dfaovl-na
'Do not try to force your opinion onto others unless you are first willing to hear theirs.'
dallo haldaholenolando enadaloneno'ohn ol u pok jiypav-na oh od talgvopal ujodfogk upeid aei-lo aei uva u souv ev u yidujd-na
'20,456,179 is a big number. If it describes anything about you, you are a liar or a mutant.'
gvaudohodo ol uj eidsad eh dfa leis-lo jed dfa yojt-na nild sad aeiv pvilf hsem ujt dfa uvd moss geya-lo ahaj oj dfa yotld eh ubudfo-ma
'Creativity is an outlet of the soul, not the mind. Just let your brush flow and the art will come, even in the midst of apathy.'

WTLB Requests
carra6422kvaud ol eiv ket-lo ujt bemavhis-na fol yojt ol paaejt ijtavldujtojk-na
'Great is our God, and powerful. His mind is beyond understanding.'

Just a Dying Dream
Thanks to OmegaZero[/link], [link=]Canada[/link], [link=]Skrillexles,
WhiskerHaven[/link] and [link=]Dreo for putting up with this.

Chatroom Original, 3:15 AM, 07/10/2017

I thought I was going to log off, but then I got hit by a massive wave of nostalgia and I'm actually really upset now. I was just looking around my profile and found myself in the pages of my long ago roleplay buddies.
Do you remember Ginja, Masterfane or Kairell?
I'm so sad, I was so different then. I don't even know what happened. I remember people organizing RPs by talking in the chat, asking for people to say a number of they wanted to join. There were 8 chat rooms, always full.
I'm so sorry, I'm like having an emotional crisis right now and I don't want to leave.
I used to steal my sister's ds just to come here and roleplay with Android12[/link], [link=]PlayerArc[/link], [link=]PopCorn[/link], [link=]4N1M3Z, all you guys. Now you're almost all gone, and I just want to be back there as my crazy 14 year old self.
Coming here made my uneventful life have some small meaning, somehow. I was just a kid with an imagination that got me picked on, but here it made me good at managing roleplays. Now my imagination in the form of art and stories is being rewarded, but this place is dying.
It doesn't make any sense why I'm so upset but I'm literally crying. This place was home to me for so long.
I used to be Ginja, used to be Masterfane. I just really miss how it used to be.
Why am I so upset? I'm having a freaking crisis over the internet...
Maybe it's because my life still has little meaning, and the few people that I ever found to really talk to were in here. I want my friends to come back.
One has been gone for 32 weeks, so he's likely never coming back, but PopCorn was the best. She was my best friend here, through all three of my accounts. She's only been gone for 5 weeks so maybe there's hope, but I don't know.
I can't sleep because I'm too upset and I don't really have anyone to talk to. I miss the people who talked me out of suicide, who got my phone number just to call me on the middle of the night. I want to go back but because I can't I'm just so very sad.
I had this roleplay system where I would have all these really cool characters, and if one died I would note it. I would never play their role again, but on my profile I would put the date and the user who killed them, and Kairell was the one who played the longest.
We killed gods, slayed dragons and fools and walked high above the world, and I can't ever go back.
I'm the last one. None of my friends seem to have had my determination to stay and make this place better, so now I'm feeling alone and surrounded by awful selfish people who only use this site to tell others how crappy it is.
No one cares, no one remembers, I just want it to go back, and I'm just so sad.
I want to find the few people who still have that spark, I want to start a group like how mine used to be, but the quiet people have gotten quieter, and the loud louder, and and imagination is once again something to be made fun of.
Life is about to get really crazy for me, and I don't want to go.

(EDIT 20180720 1337 HOURS)
My apologies. I was going through a rough time and was afraid of the future. I'm good now, but I'm gonna leave this here.
I want to remember.

Roleplay OC's
Michael Calor and Zontani Fotia

Basic Info
18 years
4,500 years


Terran/Fyro hybrid

Height/Weight/Body Type:
5'7"/120 pounds/Athletic

Hair Color/Skin Color/Eye Color:
Red/peach/light brown

Black sneakers, snug dark jeans, red t-shirt and black jacket.
Nothing, really. Just flames.

Quiet and kind of a loner, but he can always be trusted to finish something he starts.
Unpredictable and a little crazy, she only stays steady for Michael.

Michael and his family had the misfortune of being caught in a battle between dimensions. An explosion destroyed their house, killing Michael's family, and he fell through a dimensional gate to Fyr.
Zontani, the princess of the Fyren, found him and took him to her father's castle, taking care of him. When he woke up, she created a link with him to help him cope with his loss. In doing so, she linked their souls together and broke the most sacred rule of the Fyren. She went to her father, who discovered the link and started a hunt for Michael.
Michael had snuck out of the castle when she left, but the harsh environment of Fyr was still too much for him. She merged their bodies with the link to save his life, and they opened the gate back to Terra and escaped.
They appeared in the ruins of his house to find that his mother was still alive. With her final breaths, Callien told her son about her true identity as a Fyra and asked him to protect Terra with his Fyren powers. She only asked Zontani to protect her little boy.
Now they live fulfilling that promise, fighting to protect Terra and each other.
Even Shorter
A fight, boom, ouch, falling.
Look, an unconscious Terran. (*takes it home*) Forbidden link, oh wait dad don't kill him.
Sneaky sneak, this air is still too hot, dying, bleh. Forbidden link again! Portals and escape.
Is this my house? Is that my mom? I'm half fire dude? Son, protect the Earth, and princess, protect my idiot son.
Protect the Earth! Protect the idiot! Friendship! Yay.

None, unless created by fire or picked up somewhere.
Being made of fire, she can burn anything she touches and can also shape herself into a weapon, but only if she isn't merged with Michael at the time.

Michael and Zontani both have pyrokinetic abilities on their own due to their Fyren blood. These powers become much more powerful when they use them together, which they usually do. Both are also 250 times faster than the average person and 20 times stronger.
Their greatest combined weakness is water. If submerged for more than 45 seconds without any preparation, both will start to die. They can counter most water-based attacks, but if they get wet, they're screwed.

Fun Facts
Michael and Zontani are technically the same age, because one Terran year is 250 Fyren years.
The term for Zontani's species is gender-specific. Males are Fyro, females are Fyra, the species as a whole is Fyren, and Fyr refers to the plane of existence or dimension in which they live.
Terra is the universally accepted term for our dimension. Anything from this dimension is referred to as Terran.
Zontani can control her size with her power, but she chooses to be smaller than Michael because she knows he'll fight harder to protect her if she appears to be small and helpless.
Michael has a unique ability among Fyro. The more he uses his powers, the stronger they become, and he can be healed and energized by being near another source of heat, as long as it isn't his fire. The increase of strength is permanent, and if he were to return to Fyr, he could become functionally immortal.

Roleplay Examples
M & Z vs Rax Silver

Rax Silver belongs to DoomstepKiD.

Michael's eyes became vivid orange as the guy walked away. 'Who the hell does he think he is,' he thought, 'stalking me and then leaving like he's bored with a toy?'
Rax had his hands behind his head, whistling casually as he walked, and a blast of fire shot through the space between his right arm and his head, torching a tree in front of him. Something about it didn't seem like a miss. He calmly stopped, remaining standing with his arms up. Without turning to face you Michael, he said, "Goodness, I hope that was an accident."
Another one flew through the same exact space again, and he tilted his head slightly as the fire barely missed.
"Crap," Michael said, "that one was. I was aiming for your head."
"Well, okay then." Rax summoned his pistol into his hand and whirled around, firing, but Michael just smiled, Zontani colliding with the bullet and vaporizing it, heating it so fast that it simply dissolved into gas.
"Have you any idea how many guns have been fired at me?" Michael asked.
"Probably quite a few," Rax replied with a smirk, considering what a 'badass' you think you are."
"Badass?" His smile widens. "This is considered crap in my dimension."
"That you talking," Rax fired back, "or your little fire b****?"
Michael's smile vanished. "Oh it's me. Zee doesn't even need to get involved with this. I may only be a half breed, but that's more than enough for your teleporting smart ass."
"I'm so relieved." He vanished, teleporting into the treetops and out of sight, calling out, "But I have quite a few more tricks beside teleporting up my sleeve."
Michael smiled once again, eyes flickering. "Bring it. Make my day. If you entertain me I might even let your insult to Zee slide."
Rax laughed from his perch. "Just remember, I didn't start this, 'badass.'"
"Oh no," Michael chuckled, "I definitely asked for this. Please, kick my ass. I dare you."
Rax's form blurred in the tree, moving with immense speed. "Let's first test the waters, shall we?"
Bullets and noise began to rain down from above. Some of the bullets miss, but the rest slammed against a wall if fire so intense that it seemed solid, glowing bright white. Zontani continued to dart about, destroying bullets as well. Rax continued his onslaught of bullets until the ground around them was covered in molted metal.
Michael willed the fire into a cyclone, moving the metal in its liquid form into a spiraling pillar. He sent it straight up at Rax, who teleported out of the way. Michael spread his arms and flared his fingers, and the metal exploded into dust, floating down like dark, molten snow.
Rax looked up at the shining flakes, safe on the ground. "Okay," he admitted, "That's f***ing cool."
"Thanks. Came up with that to impress a Russian warlord a few months back." Michael crossed his arms. "Are you going to bring it at some point or what?"
Rax looked back with a smile before blurring suddenly and kicking him. Michael managed to dodge the attack, and Rax teleported above him, punching downward. Michael regained his balance, grabbing the arm and twisting, throwing him to the side. Rax winced slightly as the direct contact between them became uncomfortably hot.
Rax exchanged blows with Michael, striking and blocking at rapid speeds, but he seems to easily keep up, and Zontani kept darting about even faster than them, poking at Rax and leaving little burns.
Rax increased the speed of his strikes even further, and Michael continued to keep up, even increasing the speed himself. As their speed increased, the contact became more and more heated, the air around them shimmering.
Rax smirked and teleported behind him in a split second, firing at the back of his head. The boat rang out through the forest, but Michael was now facing Rax. He had one hand in front of his face, holding the bullet, and the other wrapped around the barrel of the gun.
Rax smiled. "Heh, I somehow know you'd see that coming." He teleported into the trees once again.
Michael adjusted his jacket and examineed the bullet. "Nah, I'm no badass. I'm actually pretty weak, I was just born lucky."
Michael suddenly found his feet swept from under him and crashed to the ground, the air forced from his lungs by the impact. Zontani flew through and crashed into Rax with incredible force, sending him flying away into the trees. He teleported upright onto a branch, wincing, and dusted himself off.
Michael rose back to his feet, gasping. He couldn't believe he had't seen that coming. He held his chest, and Zontani floated around him, concerned.
"Good one," he managed to say. "Been a while since someone tried something as classic as a sweeping kick on me." He looked up at Rax. "But it won't happen again."

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