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im a 13 year old boy my name is andrew R. gautsche (my last name is pronunced gow-che) im turning 14on augest 1st, i live in the U.S.A. Canby OR. i go to chirch and i have a 27 year old brother and a 32 year old sistermy sister lives with me and my brother lives in washingtion not dc

people i call 'meh homeh'
gamersreilaty i think thats how u spell it
people i call 'meh homehs'

rp info
RP Characters show
hunter show
suit=skull jacket with wepons in it, skull boots, and skull hat,hazil eyes btw shes in the airforce.
killer show
suit=same as hunter but with knifes and killer can
tranform into animals. also if hunter and killer are in a romance rp there dateing. also also he has a morticle that transforms into a jet and more
andy show
hunters eyes and killers powers.
eagle show
hes your pet
robot killer show
im only robot killer if arcs in the rp because his goggles are conected to robot killer
kile show
hes the oppiste of killer
werewolf kile show
its kile but part werewolf
lava show
killer with lava powers he has a glove and without hes glove 5 holes are seen he has a lava,ice,earth,darkness,and a gravity cell
caption levi show
levi from aot

Rosy show
she is 17 with a ford GT droped out of high school she has 3 pet wolfs the grey one is charlie,the red one is alx (not alex,alx)and the white one is snow

got an idea for a nother rp charteers make a comment

rp W.O.L.F
The meaning of W.O.L.F is Wunded On a Love Fight. so in this rp you need a oc that is part wolf. because in this rp there is a gang (us) called the W.O.L.F gang (im the leader i choose the 2ed and 3ed in command) now the animal control is after us.we must run but they get us so soon I brake out of my cage and rescue you guys and it gos o from there.

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