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ayyyyyyyyyyyy, finna kms

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RP characters show

Icymoon: Age: 14 Male. Is a Dragon, has frozen-looking ice cold wings with cold air dropping from the bottom. He is a red dragon with icy blue streaks on both of his sides. Has a blue icicle birthmark on his left cheek. He has powers; ice breath, ice manipulation, teleportation and ice spells. THIS OC WAS CREATED WITH THE HELP OF PLAYERARC

Daniel Age; 14 has short black hair, very dark brown eyes, good at archery, can control water, has magic and healing powers and can turn into a wolf, wears a black and turquoise fire tee with acid-washed jeans most of the time but not always. He also wears black and white Sons Of Forces. He has ADHD and OCD, not serious OCD though. He can control the ADHD somewhat...

Ryu; 17 half demon, half wolf. The older brother of Drake. Lost his parents at 5, he lives with his brother, wandering. He knows a lot of magic. He has a bloody demonic black and dark green sword called Dark Demon Blade.

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