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RP characters:
Ethan show
Age:14 Gender:Male Species: Human Abilities: Has the power to earn powers. This means he earns powers over time. He has at least 70 or more abilities because of this. (e.g. Teleportation, flight, palmblast, and every psychic power, elemental power, magic power, and mutant power known.)
Ethan's earned powers. show
Age 5: Palmblast, Flight, and Strength. Age 6: Mega Punch, Elemental Pack. Age 7: Upgrade Strength, Health, and Stamina. Age 8: Speed and Magical Pack. Age 9: Knowledge, Flick-Boom, and Upgrade Stamina. Age 10: Teleportation, Psychic Pack, and Mutant Pack. Age 11: Dark Pack, Upgrade Stamina, and Saiyan Pack. Age 12: Lazar, Upgrade Stamina, Health, and Teleportation, Falcon Punch, Clone, Mimic, and Power Light. Age 13: Upgrade all of the above, Passover, and Roundhouse kick. Age 14: Upgrade all. Healing.
Passover is a move that defeats all enemies in the area given they're weak. Power light is a deadly ray that comes outta either your chest or your hand. Flick-Boom; you could probably figure that out. Ethan got his powers from a distant planet...
Stanley show
Age: 28 Gender: Male Species: Creeper (/thd 75918) Abilities: Well, y'know. He explodes, but infinitely, and shoots explosions.(Creeprojectiles.)
Bomblissa show
Age: 27 Gender: Female Species: Giant Creeper (/thd 75918) Abilities: Strong Creepsword and CreepBow (Very powerful weapons), Barfs lava and acid, spits fire, summons minions, and has elemental powers. Is immune to fire. Heals from explosions.
The Morpher show
Real name: Jin Age: 31 Gender: Male Species: Human Abilities: Shapeshifter, duh. Owns a rifle. Black hair, green eyes, no real uniform.
The Energy Villainess show
Real name: Tanika Age:29 Gender: Female Species: Human Abilities: Can steal Abilities and has Super Speed. Has no real uniform. Brown eyes, blonde hair.
Red show
Death Sphere show
Real Name: Donell Age: 21 (As far as we know.) Gender: Male Species: Human Abilities: He's a savage who can give anything spikes. He carries a spiked hula-hoop-like weapon. His brother, Quincy's soul shares his body. Quincy's words in caps. Other: He has spiked hair, sharp teeth, and a black shirt with a red X.
Alpha's pack show
All a pack of Firesaurus Rexes, which are giant plant monsters that bend every element. They have no face except for a mouth, but instead have hearing, seeing, and smelling organs. They have Walking Weeds(Creatures that have the same face as them but use vines to walk.) crawling on them. They can produce rare fruits and healing flowers. They have spikes on their backs and a spiked ball on their tail(Like the Dino Pirahna from SMB Galaxy.). They also have spiked vines on their torsos.
Chomper X show
Same as Alpha's pack except stronger.
Styla show
Age: 26 (As far as we know.) Gender: Female Species: Human Abilities: Cyborg. 'Nuff said.
Tuck and Kai show
Two brothers with the same ability as Ethan that always fight eachother. Tuck has golden hair and eyes. Kai has red hair and eyes. Both wear black shirts with red Xs on them.
Nam show
Age: 7 Gender: Male Species: Human Abilities: Has almost PERFECT accuracy with any kind of weapon. Has psychic powers and insane instincts! Other: He looks like Minecraft Steve except he wears a yellow shirt, a backpack, and a creeper hat.
X show
Real name: John Gender: Male Species: Human Abilities: See Ethan. Other: Has a skin creature around his torso. Blue eyes. Black, huge hair. All-black clothes.
Y show
Real name: Jeff He's X's twin. Same everything.
Merryna show
Age: 11 Gender: Female Species: Dragon-human Abilities: She's a magic dragon. Whadda you think?
The Inescapeable Creature show
A strange being that is white, and the sides of his body are peach. He floats around looking for victims, and assimilates them. He has stretchy limbs and claws. See comments.
RP places:
Jungle of Death show
An island where plant creatures, such as Alpha's pack, zombies, and other wierd creatures live. There is much valuables to find, though...
Dark Dimension show
Only accessable when the Dark Star is broken. Whoever controls the Dark Star when it breaks is put in a prison until the other people sucked in either die or escape. There is a portal home guarded by a darkness creature. The Dimension is where all the dark versions of things live.
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