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Hi peeps
My is Carlos Morales. I am 21 yrs old. I like to go, I like to go see movies, and I play sports such as soccer or baseball. I am a Latino guy. I speak both languages English and Spanish. My favorite foods are tacos, spaghetti, Chinese food, and hot dogs. My favorite fruits are mango, strawberry's, watermelons, peaches, oranges, bananas, and apples. Another fact about me is I'm 5'9, like to chill and relax, hangs out with friends, spend with the family day.

Also I have.......
Facebook page: ??
kik: CarlosM450
Snapchat: CarlosM450 and
Instagram: ??
3ds Flare: CarlosM450

P.s. I also forgot to mention that I also like to hear music like reggae,cumbia,techno,rap, and tribal and also I like dancing too.

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