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Hello. My best friend is Jane Smith(NightMoon2358)! I do soccer. Black & purple hair. Jeans most of the time ( when I'm not playing soccer). Btw, all of you are fabulous. And I act way more different in real life. Don't get on my bad side, I get scary.

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Gender: Girl. DUH! I get sassy sometimes. I need to get a life. Oh and, if you want to know my age PM me. Forever single! And that's all.

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1-Cute 2-Sexy 3-Fake 4-go out with me 4,1/2-Please 5-Tell me more 6-Pics??? 7-I love you 8-Weido 9-Wtf is this?!?!

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Bio:Family got killed. Abandoned when 1 moth old. Raised by animals. Died and became an angel.
Mission: Revenge

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