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Hunter Fox | Writer | Coffee Addict | Creator of Damien Foster

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Damien Foster

Name: Damien Onyx Foster
Alias(es): Aerciuss (ARE-see-us)
Age: 1,504 years old
Age by Appearance: 24 - 27 years old
Birthdate: May 7th, 455 B.C.E
Birthplace: Greece, Arcadia
Race: White/Caucasian
Species: Demon
Height: 6’4”
Weight: 194lbs
Eyecolor: Silver
Haircolor: Black
Sexuality: Pansexual
Temperament: Introvert - Choleric/Melancholy mixed.
Personality: Arrogant (only sometimes), Sarcastic, Serious, Ill-tempered, Caring (“concerned” would be better), Stubborn, and (in serious cases) Sensitive
Diet: He is capable of feeding on a “human” diet with “normal” foods. But just like a vampire that feeds off of blood, his demon roots have him able to feed off of human corpses.
Occupation: Writer
Relatives: Cilix (Father) Apasia (Mother) - Ciros/Cade Brown (Cousin) Crow (Shadow, younger brother)
Hometown: Arcadia
Current town: Rosewood, Minnesota
Aerciuss was born on May 7th, 455 B.C.E to Cilix and Apasia of Arcadia, Greece. Cilix worked in the military, and Apasia was a sculptor with immense talent in creating the Greek gods and goddesses, Artemis being her favorite. When he was 25 during the battles with the Persian empire. After he went rogue from Hell due to a series of trials he preformed successfully, he traveled to Venice, Italy to be taught in the lessons of a Reaper; one who speaks to the dead and collects souls in limbo from fading away - also learning respect for anyone, even enemy by an elder Arch Demon, Tobias Crux. After months of strenuous training - and being given the name of ‘Damien Foster’, he was rewarded with a ring to collect these lingering souls with by his mentor. Tobias, unfortunately, was assassinated by a group of Marching Horde members; demons who stick in packs and carry out various bounties. Through a blind rage, Damien had scouted out and murdered the ones responsible.

About Me
I'm a literate roleplayer that lives in Minnesota. I like to plot so send me a PM if you are interested. I'm very nice so don't be afraid to say hi! My favorite genres are Horror, Thriller, Fantasy, and Adventure. I am a Soulsborne fan. My favorite hobbies are reading and drawing. I plan on attending an art university soon. Level 19 in life.

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 3866-9454-6433

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