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Hi I'm Alexa, I'm a girl, and I'm 17 years old. I'm a junior in HS. My birthday is October 26. I love Alpine Ski Racing and Soccer. Literally haven't been on this damn site in 4 years. Holy . I'm surprised I still know codes.

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PS3: aprosceno13 [But don\'t bother to try and add me my brother went off to college and took the PS3 with him.]
Wii Code: 4052-7076-6699-0452

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Name:Trainer Zoe Gender: Female Age:17 Bio: Trainer in pokemon, just moved from the Sinnoh region. She has brown hair and always carries her Dialga with her. She has a lot of hullucionations(I can\'t spell) about Team Galactic coming after her for her beating them. She is an expert trainer trying to catch the legendary pokemon in the region we are rping in.

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Name:Alexa Gender:Female Age:17 Bio: She\'s a real tough and she doesn\'t hesitate when about to do something dangerous. She has Brown hair and always wears armor under her clothes.

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Name:Cloyborg Gender:Robot Age:200 years old Bio:\"I came from space, I am an outcast on my planet. I am the only robot who can love and have emotions. I came to earth because I want to become a human. Maybe a doctor can make me human.....maybe......\"

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