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Hey guy's and welcome to my profile! My profile is still in the works but for now I will just list the basics :3
For starters I am not the most active player anymore, but that is because things have died down and changed, and i have other places to be. I am slowly getting on this website more and more, seeing who i know is online or who just is online in the RP room. If you know me, and I don't know/remember you please tell me and I am sure I will try my best to recall before 2013!

Me! show
Basic Info: Gender - Male, Name - Gabe. Age - 12. Call me Ike or Gabe if you see me around and you want to RP or just chat. I am also a BIG RPer but not as big as i was before, i have grown and matured a lot, but i want to RP and keep childhood going )

Favorites show

Favorite Song: That is a really difficult choice to make
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Food: Chicken Wings
Favorite hobby: RP
Favorite Book/Series: The Hunger Games duh!
Favorite thing to talk about: Politics
Favorite Animal: Penguin
Favorite Game/Series: TES (The Elder Scrolls)

Firends! show
Enough about me! Lets move on to some of my best friends on here that i can recall:

Player Arc (Arc) - He has been there for me since the start, and we have a GREAT time RPing together! He can be very fun to rp with, i assure you, you will have a blast RPing with him!

WYoshiX2 (X2) - Great friend to have, he can be funny to serious in a snap, he can also make great plots and characters!

darkzack235 (HeroLarcio) - Zack is very creative, wild, and fun in all good ways! His characters can be extremely range from different ways like emotion, or physical forms.

DannyPhantom (Beth) - Beth is very unpredictable in a good way. Her characters can be happy and care-free, to dead cold serious! Beth has been a very awesome person to RP with!

Zeper - Zeper has really helped me a lot, he is very kind and friendly! I suggest you become his friend if you are in a struggle!

If i forgot a name I am very sorry, it is late at night while i am doing this lol, if you think i forgot you just PM me and i will add what I can! These guys have been with me from the start especially X2, Arc, and Beth!I recommend having them as friends if you haven't already!

RpCharacters show
I have had many RP OCs before, but i started over but kept my original OC that i used for all of my RPs.

Good RP Characters:

Noel Fannor: Gender - Male, Eyes - Brown, Hair - Brown, Height - 6'9", Weight - 235lbs Age - 25 Birthday - Dec. 24th, WoC - Sword, Theme - Boom Clap! by Charli XCX

Will : Gender - Male, Eyes - Green, Hair - Brown, Height - 5'11", weight - 187lbs, Age - 18, Birthday - Aug. 21st, WoC - Bow & Arrow. Theme - Light'em up (Fallout Boy)

Melody Fannor: Gender - Female, Eyes - Blue, Hair - Blonde, Height - 5'6", weight - 135lbs, Age - 21, Birthday - Aug. 23rd, WoC - dagger/Throwing Knife, Theme - Boom Clap! by Charli XCX

That is my RP character list right now... lame compared to my last list but it is building up! (Btw WoC means Weapon of Choice)

Noticeme!? show
I will give shout outs to my friends or anyone who need more, just ask or complete my challenges and you will get one! I know this isn't Instagram, or twitter, but it will help the society out!

Namesonotherplaces! show

GoodGame Empire - Ike1067


Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 0130-2288-3161

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