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Dioka show
Name: Dioka(means Death)
Species: Pureblood Vampire
Job: Killer
Sexuality: Straight
Story: She's been forced to live in solitude when she was born and got out last year. She has no clue how to act respectfully around people. She kills for the fun of it and the joy of hearing the screams.
Weapons: Her powers over ice

Nariko show
Name: Nariko (Means Cat)
Species: Neko
Job: Assassin (Sometimes works with Dime)
Sexuality: Bisexual
Story: Her and Dime were once normal humans who lived as thieves. They got discovered by an agency and they got hired to work as assassins. After a year of working there, they were both sent to labs to be experimented on. She got injected with Cat DNA to get the abilities of a cat (agility and speed) but instead became a neko. She got separated from Dime and has been on the run ever since. She still kills but when needed.
Weapons: (Only the sword)[weapon form]

Dime show
Name: Dime
Job: Assassin (Works with Nariko sometimes)
Sexuality: Bisexual
Story: Her and Nariko lived most of their lives as thieves. After awhile they got discovered by an agency that hired them and trained them to be assassins. After a year of working with them, they were sent to a lab and experimented on. They injected her with bunny DNA to give her the abilities (speed and stealth) but instead became part bunny. She escaped and got separated from Nariko. She's been on the run ever since. She kills when she feels necessary. She threatens people just to prove that she'll kill them if they prove themselves a threat.
WeaponWeapon form)
(Human form)Look at the Garu Spoiler

Honoka Hojimoto show

Name:Honoka Hojimoto
Species: Fallen Angel
Personality: She's a total rebel. She's stubborn and takes control. She doesn't follow anyone except her husband, Yuichi. She lost her wings when she came to Earth for lust over a human man who's dead now. She's been on Earth since the Civil War. She still has the powers of an angel (mind speak) but the disadvantage is she can't feel anything. Only emotion.

Garu show

Name: Garu
Age: 19
Species: Regalia
Background: He died from a robbery when he was 19. He got shot by an angry robber which in turn killed himself. Dime was fighting against another assassin and saw him (looked at that time:) and she named him Garu for when he was human and Sowa(so-way) when he was to be her weapon. Garu is a huge flirt with Dime and they both work together well

Hayato show

Name: Hayato
Species: Pureblood Vampire

Ealu show

Name: Ealu (eh-lo)
Species: Neko
Gender: Male

Dedication show

Apples4(One of my best friends)
Jason99(My male twin and brother)
BabyBoy(A guy I really cared about but hurt without guilt. I now regret my actions. I don't know where he is now)
Naruto2000 (My big brother <3 )

<3 I wish I met this guy. I could've used that

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