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Name: Michelle
Age: 16
Birthday: October 4
Height: 5' and 3 quarters
Weight: 108 lbs
Status: Taken <3 7/12/17
Current Occupation: MLG QUICKSCOPER BRUH.
Feeling: Happy c:
[/orange]Likes: Music, singing, romance, loyalty/honesty, action, video games, soccer, Pewdiepie /FaZe Clan /Markiplier /Vanoss /H20 Delirious /Nogla /Marzia /Wildcat /NickDominates, Call of Duty, pickles, dirty jokes, and cheesy pick-up lines. ;*
Random Stuff About me: I have played video games ever since I was little (like Halo and Call of Duty), I eat a lot ._. , I make straight A's / honor role, Im bipolar, I have anxiety, and i have depression..

Contact Me On..
PS3/PS4/XBOX One: JapaneseBby
Instagram: Friends only
Snapchat: Friends only
Ourworld: JapaneseBby
WoozWorld: YuSoAzian

CoD: Black Ops 1 (I have all maps)
CoD: Black Ops 2 (I have all maps)
CoD: Modern Warfare 3 (I have all maps)
CoD: Ghosts (I have season pass)
CoD: Advanced Warfare (I have Havoc DLC)
Battlefield 2
Battlefield 3
Army of Two
Mass Effect 3
Medal of Honor
Little Big Planet 1
Little Big Planet 3
Plants VS Zombies: Garden Warfare
Minecraft (Almost all textures nd all skins)
Grand Theft Auto 5
Slender's Arrival
Watch Dogs
Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix
Disney Infinity 2.0 (I have: Hiro, Baymax, Elsa, Merida, Stitch, and Tinkerbell)
The Walking Dead: Season Two (Trying to finish it, done chapters 1, 2, and 3 so far)
Assassin's Creed 3
Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag


Destiny: The Taken King
Fallout 4
Black Ops 3 (Season Pass holder)
Star Wars: Battlefront
Tom Clancy's: The Division
Plants VS Zombies GW2 (Deluxe edition)
Minecraft: Story Mode
Farcry 4
Rainbow Six Siege
Titanfall 2
Bioshock: The Collection
The Last of Us: Remastered
CoD: Infinite Warfare
CoD: MW3 Remastered

Pokemon: Omega Sapphire
Pokemon: Moon

I'll rarely be on this site. Too much stress/drama and I'm too busy.

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 4124-5503-4914

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