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About me:
Sort of quit.
Contact me on kik or discord.
kik: ii2D_
discord: ! not nani !#4904

Close Friends, BFFs, Etc. show
Arc (PlayerArc), Timbby (xJesterx), Scott (Diggersby), Zack (dude98), Jay (Puppet), Zaid (DarkJesterZ)(If I missed anyone please tell me)

Skylar Grey show

Age: 17
Hair: Dark Blue
Eyes: Grey
Wears: Thin Aqua Green Shirt,Black jeans,Black/Grey Boots
Personality: Good singer,nice,good at playing guitar,a bit shy,sometimes quiet,Is crushing on Jay(monstercat)

Dawn Smith show

Age: 15
Hair: Red (Shes a ginger.)
Eyes: Emerald Green
Clothing: Aqua Green Tshirt,Grey Jeans,Aqua Green Converse.
Personality: Shy,Nice,Playful,Emotional
Extra info: Her Parents died in a Car crash,Her brothers were murdered...she has problems with depression,she cuts.
Shes crushing on Brendan (monstercat)

Emily Fisher show

Age: 12
Hair: Brown (Dyed Dirty Blonde)
Eyes: Brown (She uses color contacts, making them blue)
Clothing: Blue tshirt with White overall dress,White tights and blue flats.
Personality: Nice,Sweet,Has Trust issues due to being abused,Is protected by her brother,Brendan Fisher (monstercat)
Weapons: Daggers,9mm pistol,Blow Darts

Mist Adams show

Age: 16
Hair: Turquoise
Eyes: Blue
Clothing: Varies depending on the rp. She always wears a golden locket around her neck.
Personality: She is a Shy,Bullied Girl who always tries to put a smile on her face. She has Depression Problems. Shes an Avid Gamer, and She loves to sing. Shes very skinny, but not Anorexic.
Powers: Shapeshifting

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 1134-7535-3095

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