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I am a dude who want to have fun
my rp characters:
Jack show

Bio : He was another clone of superman but with the dna of wonder woman.He was kept in a stasis spoiler until it was cracked and he escaped. He turn met superman and wondern and after explaining whisperto Dna to them He set out on his own.
Powers : He has full kryptonian and amazonian powers has well has the kryptonian anger.
Appearance: He has shaggy black hair. He has blue eyes. He wears ared shirt with a black Superman S on it and jeans but in public he wears just a black shirt and jeans.

Hirotaka shanghai show

Name: Hirotaka syanghai
Age: ?
He was born in china.He was in an orphanage as a child.They picked on him until finally he killed them all.He discovered his powers of the ancient brotherhood.He turn became a mercenary and when down a dangerous path.He is headstrong and compulsive.He carries many weapons.

Donte Powers show

Age: depends on rp
Powers: Angel/demon powers healing elemental teleportation ability to summon wing new powers are unlocked based on mood ability to turn into animal and has wolf powers
Appearance: jet black hair seagreen eyes but they change based on mood Bio: mom was an angel and she was murdered and dad was a demon who was banished he just want a normal life he for some reason never falls for the popular girl and he can have a temper but certain people can calm him down and he can be used in every rp. In some rps hes a bounty hunter

James Powers show

Age: depends on rp
Powers: same as Donte`s[img][/img]
Appearance: light blue eyes that change color based on mood,jet black hair,wear camo shorts and black tshirt.
Bio:He and Donte were separated at birth.He is calmer than Donte. He is Donte`s twin brother. He is very caring and will be calm in any situation.He has his special amulet with the initial J.P. carved into it.
weapons: twin katanas one turns into demonic flame daggers and the other turns into angelic twin machine gun pistols. He has secret weapon that are unlocked based on mood.

Jake Powers show

Age: depends on rp
Powers: wolf abilities
Appearance: jet black hair that fall over his face sometimes . dark blue eyes that change color based on mood.
Bio: He is Donte and James`s younger brother. unlike them he gain wolf abilities instead of demon/angel powers. He looks up to Donte. He is very lovable and has the tendency to fall in love.
weapons: martial arts and wolf blades
Connor West show

Name: Connor West

Age: to be determined
Bio:He was a military child whos mother died.His father volunteered him for government testing.He was infused with many different chemicals.During this procedure the Base was attacked by enemies.His father was killed.He then went down the path to become a mercenary.he is searching for his fathers killers.
Powers: Healing,Vibrainium claws,flight,shape-shifting,fire powers
appearance:He has black hair.He has red eyes.he has a large scar down his back.He wears a black muscle shirt and black jeans.He carries a M9 and a dagger.

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 111-111-111

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