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I'm Australian, so I must post.

Name: Cam. Just Cam.
Age: 15
Personality: Want2Die
Favourite colour: Blue
Favourite food: Salted Cashews
Favourite drink: Kole Beer
Favourite games: ArmA 3 and ArmA 2. (Sshh. IloveArmA)

My favourite songs consist of Sound Of Da Police (KRS One), Turn Up The Speakers (Afrojack), Tsunami ( DBBBS & BORGEOUS ), High ( Peking Duk ), Dear Sons And Daughters Of Hungry Ghosts ( Wolf Parade ) and Karma Chameleon ( Culture Club ).

Xavier Nero show

Name: Xavier 'X' Nero
Age: 19
Bio: Having his mother abandon him at 2, his father has brought him up, teaching him the things he needs to know and a few others. X has always had a love for motorbikes and weaponry, he puts both of those loves to use if anything goes wrong. Xavier can sometimes be a little 'erotic and pervy' to most but for others, he seems mentally retarded (maybe normal. ) X is one to find a solution to every problem he encounters (but not ones including Mr. Saturn.) He is outgoing and has a strange sense of humour and last but not least, he's extremly protective of his friends and family. Oh, and he suffers minor insanity.

Occupation: Military Pilot

Sexual preference: Straight


Equipment: Watch, Water Bottle Sharpie, Wallet, Bowie Knife, and a Lighter.

Vehicle of choice: Kawasaki KX 250F

Weapon loadout: M9

Appearance: ALL

HUNK show

Name: HUNK
Age: 24
Height: 6'5"
Behaviour: Serious/Protective/Comedic
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship(s): Nein.
Weapons: M1911 .45 + AN-94
Guarding: No one.
RP Appearances: ALL

Hacked by Tori. Kinda. tt Then by Hansaki.

SkeelurāœŒ show

Huehuehue it's Skyler here.
I just wanted to say that this dude is just ah-maz-balls. He's funny and has a perfect sense of humor. Plus, he's an great RPer.
I possibly knew this guy since I was 15. I think.
This guy is and will be my best friend. ~~ Love you, DanDan.

Codes. show

cameron you little -janie

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 2251-5351-9064

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