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My friends left. so im takin ova. I love mmd parodies. My name is Brett. I love to rp

Shinashi: Age 17 Species: neko
Power: Wind and Cold. Shinashi was just a little girl when she killed her parents. She was never a fighter, the wind always fought for her.

Takashi: Age: 18 Half Vampire Half Soul eater. Power: Controlling objects with his mind and producing fire. Takashi Zakrai was raised from the dead for the 3rd time. Hopefully he doesn't screw up again My fav pokemon and anime are: Pikachu Charzard X Gengar and Xerneas My fav Anime of all time is Akame Ga Kill and Black Butler. I like rap toooooo much.

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Suzy loves me. I love Suzy. She is mah stalker. >.<

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 1547-6094-2617

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