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Gender: Female. Duuuh..x3
Spoiler: show
you've been hacked by your hubby !! Love you babe

I'm 16 years old (that's old )

Babe:it's your hubby and I love the changes and you!!!!!
pm me anytime :3

Name: U cannot know this >:U
Hey I'm a pretty cool gal when you get to know me,don't push my buttons,I beg of you X3
I watch anime it's cool -3-

Single[ ]
Taken[XXXX] by: riot12 my hubby! U no TOUCHIE...
Sad[ ]
Confused[ ]
Heartbroken[ ]
Looking[ ]
Crushing[XXX] it's obvious

My friend: hey you walking home with me?
Me: I never-
Justin Beiber: Never say never~
Me: NOOO!! -punches Jb in da face- die bish.

Bffs list:
justinx3 (forever my BFF)
AnimeXC (I go to school wit her)
riot12 Love you baby<3

If you ever mess wit my babyboy gon be in a lot of hurt. Mmmhhhmmmm I'm cereal. Nwo joke. >;p

Some sad news: my dad passed. He was the best man I ever knew. Not even my mother could take his place nor any step father. R.I.P Daddy I love u dad...

I'm always going for the Younger guys ;-D lol

Say "Rise up lights" really fast,you'll say "razor blade" in an Australian accent . It's fun lol >3<

Some fun facts about me~:
I live in California!
My actual name is not Amanda! It's something else~! MWAHAHAHA!
Only my boo can know~~
I am 16 O:
I love the Cowboys (only b/c my dad did otay >_< )
I absolutely love pandas and koalas oh mi gosh don't get me started >n<

To my Hunnie Bun<3:
If you ever said you loved someone else I'd be heart broken</3
If you said I hate you I'd commit suicide.
If you said get out of my life I'd kill myself.
But I know your not like that at all! Your a wonderful boyfriend and I have proof of that! We've been together for 2 months the best day of my life was when I met you it was also the day after my daddy died and you were there for me baby<3 you comforted me soon asked me to be yours<3 I was so happy I ran around my house blushing and excited.....<3
Even though u are 3 years younger than me...I love you with all my heart!
I love you hubby! <3 so much!

I love you and i always will your my babe no one can really change that Ill always be here no matter what ~riot12 and amanda256 forever~

babe you just got unless you come to me mwahhahahahahhahahahah!! jk

You can have your profile back I just dont want you to forget that i love you

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