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I am 19 years old
im just a guy who only loves anime and his waifus

My favorite food is sushi and pocky I really only read manga watch anime and listen to anime music now so I dont play games anymore

As you can see I only listen to japanese music now
all the mekakucity albums
The Oral Cigarettes
Kamen Rider Showa Era OP Songs
Jam Project
Ling Toiste Sigure
Poppin Party

That is all about me If you have more questions pm me

Favoite animes are Berserk,jojo's bizarre adventure,saekano,gochiusa,love live,[email protected],initial D,konosuba,and boku no hero

I have finished over 250 animes and I always watch EVERYTHING that airs every anime season

Close to owning 100 mangas

Yuri is the most pure and perfect form of love (Citrus is best yuri series)

Favorite Hentai is Oni chi chi,and Mankitsu Happening

Don't ever change c: -You Know Who.

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