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I'm done with 3dsplaza tbh.There hasn't been an update since 2014 since MamaLuigi left.All my friends left,my 3ds broke and that's probably it for me.Add my discord #8208 if I know you.

Its gonna be helpful with links and tips.Everyone says my profile is great!(I dunno how...I didnt even put pictures0-0)I wonder how viewers react to my profile hmmm...

Hey guys! Welcome to my epic profile! yea yea its gets boring but!I'll be putting more things in my profile so yea!

About me:

Favorite channel:CN Disney x d.
Favorite shows:Kickin it!Regular Show,Adventure Time,Beywheels,Beyblade metal fury,beyblade shogun steel,Beyblade metal master's.

I luv Sonic(of course duuhh),Dragon Ball Z
Race:Half American
Skin color:Light brown

My best friends
My first best bud I never felt any thing so cool as chatting with him so thanks.PLEASE LIKE HIM IF YOU CAN!

Lol X D:
A cool friend with an nice heart and also did my profile!Like him if you can!

We always chat in the pm's and somethimes in the comments!Like her if you can.

We are starting to know each other everyday where starting to become great friends like her if you can.

MANY people hate this thing im about to sat but it's epic and the haters like minecraft instead of this.

Roblox is an awsome game wich is kinda like minecraft except no TNT stuff.
You can party build destroy and stuff.
The stuff on Roblox!
The real thing you do is:
Build,destroy,sword fighting,fighting,race and many more!
the best thing is you can play without signing in! its perfect for new people type in and play today!


Im on youtube!So subscribe me if you can im supershadic76!!!I made a few videos roblox so watch them all!

Many of you wondered like:"what the flip is with the sonic and shadow thingy on your profile shadic!"

Well its an character wich sonic and shadow fused...

for the moive called Nazo unleashed type it on youtube:Nazo unleashed part 1


Its awsome!watch today!

Faces I know: .
Well thats it...
Im learning to do profiles and put images on my profile so dont even try TO ASK ME TO DO YOUR Profile ASK LOLX D TO DO IT HE DID ALL OF MY Profile!He done like 50 I love if you spread this thx!

I'll see you later and ill change my profile soon BYE!

Hey guys im back!And I got an 3ds XL Please add me if can!I need lots of friends...oh!And if you have Mario Kart 7 we can race together! Thats it for now see ya and happy gaming!. SHADIC OUT

(POSTED ON 6-10-13)


*Under construction!* 10%

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 5386-8397-5003

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