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Lol the photo above is what I currently look like (: lol new hair style ^O^ lol I still straighten it sometimes :3 and I'm still emo and a new band was added! Suicide silence!

There's a couple pics of me

You can find me on just about everything and if you have any of the following please add me <3

Facebook: Caine Williams

Twitter: (@williamscaine2)

Kik: (Cainewilliams)

Snapchat: (Cainewilliams)

Skype: (sexking4811)

Instagram: (cainewilliams)

phone number (812-416-1364)


Hi my full name is Caine Isaac Williams I am a major gamer I have super smash bros brawl for the wii so if anyone wants to brawl just PM me for my code lol I am a very sweet guy I love to talk!
I enjoy playing basketball, drawing, writing love poems, playing video games, and working with my papa on his farm

I also enjoy listening to music!
The following bands are just a fraction of the ones I listen to the ones I put here are the ones I listen to most!

Number one band I listen to!!
Ghost town!!!

then there are others

Blood on the dance floor.

Black veil brides

Sleeping with sirens

pierce the veil

hollywood undead

bring me the horizon


suicide silence

night core


and mayday parade

I hate lil Wayne and all other rap music except eminem lol eminem is awesome

My favorite video games are call of duty black ops, sonic the hedgehog, super Mario bros, SPYRO the dragon, Zelda, yugioh, and other games.

I am here on the plaza to make sure it stays good I am not a moderator but if people have problems I can help solve them as you can tell
I have helped a few people solve problems but mostly the problems I have solved is when people bother other people.

I enjoy taking care of animals! I love cats!!

I have a 3ds with Mario Kart 7
Believe it or not I hold a world record on the mushroom gorge track I don't know if its still being held because back in February I snapped my 3ds in half ._. My record was like 1:35.753 it's somewhere right there.

I really enjoy country girls
But country isn't what I look for.
I like girls that are sweet and caring and hyper lol I'm back for more info about me okay so I just adore emo/scene/goth/punk girls like they are drop dead gorgeous to me and I would die to have one to myself I don't care if you cut I just want you ^_^ lol I love emo girls<3

Okay so as you see the one direction picture over my summer break I went from a directionator (someone who absolutely hates one direction) to a directioner (someone who absolutely loves one direction)!!! One day I was with my cousin riding in the car to a place that was like 2 hours away so the whole time my 16 year old cousin starts playing a cd loaded with one direction songs and I hated it at first but as it cycled through the songs I found some if them to be like really catchy and really nice and let's just say at the end I was singing along with one direction my favorite songs by one direction are the following listed below! song ever
2.back for you while we're young
4.rock me
5.i would
6.heart attack
7.kiss you
8.cmon cmon
9.what makes you beautiful way or another (teenage kicks)

If you know him then your probably a directioner hahaha that is zayn!!! My favorite guy from one direction and he can hit such high notes with his voice!!! Omg he is like the most amazing one on one direction to me and I sorta think zayn is cute but remember I'm 100% straight!!! Lol

Well there's a picture of Harry styles for all you pretty ladie directioners out there lol Harry is pretty cool and
My natural hair is alot like his but it doesn't look good on me :c that's why I straighten my hair :3 lol Harry is like my third favorite in the band!

That up there is the logo for the most awesomest band in the world!!! GHOST TOWN!!!! Lol people who are fans of ghost town are called "ghosts" much like one direction fans are called "directioners" and ghost town is so damn awesome!!! Like I have memorized all the lyrics to all there songs!!! you all should try to listen to ghost town lol and they have only one singer and his name is Kevin I think but he sings all there songs

That up there is the cover art for there song zombie girl (by ghost town) and it's also my favorite song by ghost town too!! Ghost town has different cover art for every single one of there sings and that's another reason why I like them so
Much and I swear if I get reported for posting a cover art photo for music I will get mad but yeah that one of there songs and you should listen to it

That's another song by ghost town lol I've only listened to it like maybe 2 times but I still know all the lyrics

That up there is from there song "monster" I love that song ^.^ it's so amazing and has a really cool cover art lol I wish I had a monster girl

That up there is ghost towns cover art for there song "trick or treat" lol it's a very creepy and unique song but I like It!!! ;D

That up there is ghost towns cover art for there song " you're so creepy" lol that's one there best songs and an awesome one to!!! And if you look closely you can see pikachu in that cover art ;D hahaha PIKACHUUUUUUUUUUUU hahaha

That up there is Dr.Doctor :3 also a good song ^_^

That up there is the song voodoo by ghost town ^_^ kinda sad song but it's also good to listen to :3 lol I'm a huge fan of ghost town!!!

Lol game freak!!' Lol an interesting song :3

Lol the song ghost in the machine is another one of my favorites from ghost town and is a really catchy song ;D

There will be more to come so this is my profile for now goodbye


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