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So, first off, my name is Santiago, but only certain people call me that. Next, I'm currently 18 for anyone who really cares. Now for the good stuff: i'm pansexual
, I love anime, books, music, and games. My top 5 books: 1. The Blood of Olympus, 2. Dark Life, 3. The Fault in our Stars, 4. Red Moon Rising, and lastly 5. Clockwork Angel. My favorite song is currently Here by Alessia Clare. Animes I would recommend are Medaka Box, Negima, Heaven's lost property, and The Wallflower. As you can tell from my profile, I am big fan of anything Kingdom Hearts. I hope i covered all the basics, if you want to know more just pm me or you can usually find me lurking the aux rp chat. Bye! Have a beautiful time!
My OCs(More to be added soon!)
!Under Construction!
Jauy Kagamine show
Name:Jauy or Jackson Kentwood
Eyes: sky-blue/ gray and/or hazel
Hair: blonde, Spiky/ brown
weapons: dual scimitars
Speices:Water Nephilim/ lightning Nephilim
personality: demented, chaotic evil, several mental disorders

Nicholas K. Wood show
Name: Nick
Age: 24
Hair: Purple
Eyes: Sky-Blue
Sister: Blair (from Soul Eater)
Cousins: Matt and Jauy
Wife: Rayne
Daughter: Violette
Species: Neko/Boy witch
Weapons: Pumkin spells and Dual Pistols
Personality: Ticks people off, very pissy,

Ricky Bennett show
Name: Ricky
Age: 19
Eye Color: red
Hair: White, usually messy.
Boyfriend: Mason Alexander Helens
Species: Ookamikitsune (Formerly Human)
Occupation: Alchemist
Personality:Inventive, smart and strong, is a heavy drinker.

Jay Kagamine show
name: Jay
gender: female
description: Twin Sister of Jauy
Personality: Hot-headed & blunt

Blaxir show
Name: Blaxir
Gender: Female
Species: Nobody

Maxine Kagamine show
Name: Maxine
Age: 17
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Parents: Jauy and Natalia
Relatives: Jay (Aunt), Matt (Uncle), Blair and Nick (Cousins)
Species: Warrior angel/Siren/Sucubus
Powers: Fire, hypnotic singing
Personality: Sweet, has anger and daddy issues, quick to fight

Barakiel show
Name: Barakiel or Baxter
Age: unimaginably old
Species: Angel
Occupation: Lightning Angel of God
Hair: black
Eyes: grayish blue
Power: control over electricity and angelic exorcism
Personality: odd, protective of his boyfriend

Coding Space show

Exorcizamus te, Omnis Immundus Spiritus, Omnis Satanica Potestas, Omnis Incursio Infernalis Adversarii, Omnis Congregatio et Secta Diabolica, Ergo Draco Maledicte, Ut Ecclesiam Tuam Secura, Tibi Facias Libertate Servire, Te Rogamus, Audi Nos!

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