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Character- Zed
Apperance- Black Cloak around some regular civilian clothes, Brown Hair, black eyes
Traits- Loner, Responsible, Edgy, shy
WoC (weapon of choice)- His Scythe of truth
Abilities- can raise dead, make anyone tell the truth, send wandering sprits to his boss
Description- Zed is a Grim Reaper, Yet he is the sibling to six other reapers, he is the reaper of truth, and takes on the most important jobs, he is always clashing with his brother, the reaper of Lies. Is in love with Maxine Kagamine (jauypit's OC)

Character: Ni
Apperance: Pink Cloak, Beautiful Red Hair, Pink Eyes, Freckles
Traits: Flirty, Irisitsible, Curious
WoC: Scythe of Love
Abilities: Raise the dead from the grave, make anyone fall in love with whomever.
Description: The youngest of the Seven Reapers, In love with Dragons, At odds with the Reaper of Hate
Speed: Zed's horse

Appearance: White Cloak, Handsome, Bright Pink Eyes
Traits: Nice, Kind, Genius, Helpful, Jokester
Woc: Scythe of Health
Abillites: Heal anyone with anything, raise the dead, Read mind and control them
Description: Brother of Zed and Ni, and the oldest of the Seven Reapers, loves to help out anyone and/or anything, loves to be with his friends and family, Can not get knocked out or sent back to Death

Character: Sed
Apperance" Red Cloak, Black Everything
Traits: Evil, Truthful Powerful Irrisitable
Abillites: Raise Dead, Live Forever
WoC: Scythe of Lies
Description: Reaper of Lies

Nave: Everyone together

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