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Ohai. I'm TB3DS. Here are derpybasic facts about me:
Name: Autumn
Age: 17
Gender: Female.
Relationship: Taken 9/2/15 c:

My top to anime's are in no order are:]
1. DRAMAtical Murder
2. Attack on Titan
3. Black Butler
4. The Hetalia series
5. Free!
6. Tokyo Ghoul
7. Ouran High School Host Club
8. Soul Eater
9. Sword Art Online
10. Fairy Tail

If you ever feel like talking to me my PM's are always open so PM me any time. I'm not on very often so I'm probably not going to respond until a month later.

Here are animes that I have seen(not including every episode) show

List of animes I've seen/working on
1. Death Note *finished*
2. Noragami *finished*
3. Lucky Star *finished*
4. Love Stage! *finished*
5. Soul Eater *finished*
6. Karin*finished*
7. Fairy Tail *finished*
8. Gurren Lagann *finished*
9. Kaze no Stigma *finished*
10. Ouran Highschool Host Club *finished*
11. Angel Beats *finished*
12. Kanon *finished*
13. Vampire Knight *finished*
14. Fruits Basket *finished*
15. Devil May Cry (1)
16. B Gata H Kei *finished*
17. KissXSis *finished*
18. Ichiban Ushiro no Daimo *finished*
19. C:Control *finished*
20. Mirai Nikki *finished*
21. Black Butler II *finished*
22. Nyan Koi *finished*
23. Dead Man Wonderland *finished*
24. PowerPuff Girls Z *finished*
25. Tokyo Mew Mew *finished*
26. Hetalia: Axis Powers *finished*
27. Hetalia: Word Series *finished*
28. Hetalia: The Beautiful World *finished*
29. My Bride is a Mermaid *finished*
30. Yuyushiki *finished*
31. Black Rock Shooter *finished*
32. Lovely Complex *finished*
33. ToraDora *finished*
34. Touhou Anime Project *finished*
35. Oreshura *finished*
36. Special A *finished*
37. FullMetal Alchemist *finished*
38. Azumanga Daiho *finished*
39. X (2)
40. Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt *finished*
41. Black Butler I *finished*
42. Oreimo *finished*
43. Haikyuu!! *finished*
44. Kimi Kiss Pure Rouge (3)
45. Durarara *finished*
46. Sister Princess *finished*
47. Sword Art Online *finished*
48. Shingeki no Kyojin *finished*
49. Free! Iwatobi swim club *finished*
50. Baka and Test *finished*
51. The World God Only Knows *finished*
52. Accel World (4)
53. Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun *finished*
54. Date A Live *finished*
55. Kuroko no Basuke *finished*
56. Fooly Cooly *finished*
57. Blue Exorcist *finished*
58. Say "I love you" *finished*
59. Earl & Fairy *finished*
60. Free! Eternal Summer *finished*
61. Fairy Tail 2014
62. Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi *finished*
63. Daily Lives of Highschool Boys *finished*
64. Another *finished*
65. Diabolik lovers *finished*
66. Servant x Service *finished*
67. DRAMAtical murder *finished*
68. Tokyo Ghoul *finished*
69. Soul Eater NOT! *finished*
70. Junjo Romantica *finished*
71. Guilty Crown *finished*
72. Black Butler: Book of Circus *finished*
73. Tokyo Ghoul Root A *finished*
74. Sword Art Online II *finished*
75. Kuroko no Basuke season 2 *finished*
76. Zankyou no Terror *finished*
77. Kill la Kill *finished*
78. Hybrid Child *finished*
79. Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun *finished*
80. Mekakucity Actors *finished*
81. K Project *finished*
82. Akame ga Kill *finished*
83. Diamond no Ace *finished*
84. Kuroko no Basuke 3
85. Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! *finished*
86. No.6 *finished*
87. Hey, Class President! Ova *finished*
88. Bakuman (5)
89. Gakuen Heaven *finished*
90. Haru Wo Daiteita *finished*
91. Koisuru Boukun *finished*


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Oh Grell.

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My results after taking a dere quiz...

America is mine bishes.

My Soul Eater Quiz results.

AoT quiz result. I'm Eren.


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