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my name is nate but here call me zombieking ok. i don't have a girlfriend. i'm 19 year old i love to play undead bowling and monster hunter 4 ultimate and if u don't have my mii name is nate i love to list to halloween music favorite halloween song r do they know it halloween,don't fear (the reapper),it halloween, my favorite monster is a zombie '-) my TV comedy bang bang and 1000 was to die those r my favorite TV show my favorite movies is cube zero,cude and i like to help people with any problem they have and fix it and i love to read bout SCP i'm a cool guy to have round and i like creepypasta if u don't know what creepypasta is it online horror story my favorite creepypasta is pokemon creepy black and please tell me bout your favorite creepypasta in the comments if u don't have favorite than tell me your favorite scp put your favorite scp in the comments my favorite scp is scp-096
and i like horror movie
if u have a 3ds we can play monster hunter 4 ultimate or kid Icarus: uprising and tetris axis and resident evil the mercenarics 3D
and I have super smash bros. for the 3ds' undead storm nightmare get chat'a'lot and I now have a laptop favorite super smash person R.O.B i have more game than that just ask me what game i have in comments and i get magic hammer ' funfair party games for the 3ds and terraria 3ds, monster hunter 4 ultimate and rhythm heaven megamix if any one want to play and if you want to be my friend pm me and that go for friend code as well

if your wondering i don't have a cellphone ok i only do 3ds game that mean no app so don't pm me if it about app ok

if you want to join my army it call the zombiearmy you can join today or any day

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 3007-9483-2965

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