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"In the pale light of you.
I want the night sky forever."

My kik: Cactus_ish

(i dont really pm people except reply so Feel free to pm me anytime, if i dont reply i prob just forgot)
I get depressed A Lot... so dont mind me
I'm sorry I'm not very enthusiastic about life, but i try to forget, some people dont like me because I'm so depressing.. and i tend to talk a lot and just start babbling
if u talk to me its your own fault
haha sorry im not cool
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age:16 (17 on march 14th)
gender:female cactus whatever
likes: music, anime, and drawing(my life).. a few people i met on here... //its fal lol

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this is my life....


you can see more at cactus-ish on deviant art
or if you wanna see my miiverse its 99blueemeralds idfk~

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it's a lie :l

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 4682-8867-5585

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