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Death Note Entries show


Current Death Note Names Written:

InfinityX-Heart Attack-Dies while Cybering darius23.-12/25/12 at 5:00 PM.

DarkJesterZ-Gunshot Wounds-Zaid tried to get Bras and Panties from BecciOnion's Drawer, She caught him, took out a gun, and shot him.-12/25/12 2:49 AM

ponopzop-explosive diarrhea- ponop ate chipotle, got bloody underwear, and had to poop- 6/9/13 at 9:00 PM.

Edgee-Heart Attack-Edgee had a heart attack while planning and experiencing the joy of planning a mass Kidnapping of children.-12/30/12 At 10:52 AM.

skittaraps-Suffocation-Skitta tries, as a Christmas Eve challenge, to stack 20 skittles on his/her mouth, but ends up having it lodged in her throat.-12/24/12 7:39 PM.

Ferb-Stampede- Ferb was walking down Times Square, when, out of nowhere, a Unicorn stampede begins, trampling Ferb.-3/18/13 2:18 PM.

Esteve-Technical Dismemberment-Esteve Beats up and Cyber-Raeps A kid, Who, years later, comes back with a Bomb strapped to his chest, killing him and Esteve- 2/19/2027 3:00 PM.

Shy-Broken Vertebrae and Neck- Shy tried to get to DarkJesterZ's Secret stash of Yaoi and Yuri Comics, and tried to hide by becoming part of the objects, because SkySammy is Looting from his closet. Shy Trips on a picture frame, lands On his neck, breaking it and his Vertebrate, Ironically landing on Zaid's Dirty Underwear.- 5 days after Zaid's death, same Time.

CoolApps-Electrocution- CoolApps was Downloading illegal Child pr0n, But while it was downloading, But There was a blackout. In Raeg, CoolApps Punches the screen, and Electrocutes himself, ironically sending those videos to his brain before his death.- 1/25/13 4:19 PM.

BloodPrincess: Same death/time as Ponopzop, but with Constipation.

Chadwick-3rd degree Burns- Chadwick was dared by SonicMobian to shove a Candlestick up his You-know-what for 100 bucks. Chadwick did it, but only got it part-way. After a While, Chadwick embarked on a Journey to find Lost User BLTJeran. While sleeping with a fire on, the fire leaked to his candle in his you-know-what, Causing a fire, killing him.- 1/4/13 at 2:13 AM.

SkySammy123 - Car Crash-She emo, so she wanted her name. -4 months after you read this.

Megabeanish-Fractured ribs and Skull- Megabeanish was enterd into a lotto to get front row seats for the Super Bowl Game involving the 49ers. He won, ran outside with glee, and ended up getting hit by a bus, Ironically the 49er tour bus. - 2/???/2013

Gold- 3rd Degree Burns - Gold caught all of the Pokemon (Yes, all 600+ Pokemon, including NPC and Event Pokemon. To Commemorate the event, he had a Gold Pokeball chain Ordered. 7 months later, He asks why It wasn't done. He goes to the factory, complains, but somehow, the mascot for the company, A Golden Retriever, ran amok, and Started Thumping everything. Gold tried to back away, unknowingly backing up, close to the Liquid Gold Pot. The Dog ran straight towards him, and gave him one gigantic thump, Sending Gold Over the Edge and Into the Vat. Ironically the dog Falling also. Now they are attached forever. - 7 months after Gold reads this.

Omega- Heart attack - No Explanation - 1 year ago.
Odysseus21 - Heart attack - No Explanation - 40 seconds later.

" Those who injure themselves over words are already dead to me."

"The only real murder weapons? Words. They can start flame, city, state, or even World Wars.

Noobs until Plaza oficially becomes infested with noobs: 25

Le Cormano Murder Game:

Backstory: Cormano, My pet Kirby, had Killed Jeffrey, and now he's planning to kill again.

If at any time I see A person with a Kirby icon (Cormano) in chats, that person has 24 hours to let me see another user get Cormano. Then those rules apply to them, and then they pass it on again and again. If, any people fail to meet the deadline, They will "Die" and I'll put their name under "Killed". If It's Passed on, The User's name that had it goes under "Safe". If it goes to me, the game restarts, starting with the next user that gets Cormano. Savvy?


Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 6969-6969-6969

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