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I am Shalala, Shay, whatever the hell else you wanna to call me, and i like to sin. I am XX years old, and my birthday is the 20th of August. *AHEM WINK WINK* Been here since... December? of 2011. oldfag right here lmao. I have a strange sense of humor and I am a weeaboo.

I like to draw, but not... well. Hit me up and I'll draw a chibi of your favorite character! depending on my mood. And I sing too, how 'bout that. I game, and read, and watch animus, and sometimes I write stuff. yup yup. I don't really RP so... ya. no.

Ahh, that's pretty much it?

Currently, I am: getting into lots of new things!! Like Blue Exorcist, Blood Bank, Killing Stalking, Angels of Death, and LiEat!! Also been catching up on Tsubaki Chou Lonely Planet!! So good!! Ah, but school started again, it sucks;;; Oh and I have a PC now, so if ya wanna add me on Steam, tell me lol

Nintendo ID: ShalaDerp

we 2017 in here, boyz
new year new me

∠(ツ 」∠)__

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Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 3609-1595-6161

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