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OC, Ivan Rosing show

Appearance show

Add his gear and that's pretty much him.

Basic Information show

"I prefer my past to be multiple choice."
Name: Ivan Rosing is what people call him.
Real Name: Valinor Dracarys Lain
Age: 17
While being a certified member of supernatural department of protection KNYFE, he works as a freelance detective/monster slayer for fun. He sees the world as a boring playground that needs a bit of spicing up, so he goes on any adventure he can with any alleged friends.
He's a metahuman, and a very gifted one. His superpower, so to speak, is extreme intelligence and ability to retain information. Most of the equipment on him he built himself. He also owns very strong lightweight gloves, cut at the fingers and able to exert electric energy. He can build and manipulate tech very effectively, as demonstrated, and has a red data-handling eyepiece that can serve for purposes similar to Batman's detective mode. Think x-ray vision and forensic analysis.
He is extremely agile, able to swing and jump to incredible heights and land without harming himself. He is not the fastest runner, but his acrobatic prowess makes him a nightmare in the air and his tactical thinking gives him the advantage on most fields of battle.
When he's out, he's got a layer of clothing below his coat preventing his body from tearing itself apart when grappling and he's got a little belt equipped beyond his jacket that has all sorts of KNYFE gadgets:
-Smoke Pellets
-Line Launcher/Zipline
-Mini Helicopter Drones
-Ice/Glue Grenades
-Grappling Claw Launcher
-Explosive Gel
On his left arm is a gauntlet with a screen and cryptographic sequencer capable of hacking into different systems, video calling associates and remotely destroying, taking over or changing the functionality of nearly any device. Think Watch Dogs.
On his right arm is another gauntlet with a wrist mounted gun, capable of shooting regular bullets or exerting and directing electric energy. This gauntlet can also eject a short blade that he can either throw or keep in his hand for close combat.
He is an observer, and catches many things at once with his eye and deduces many things instantly. His skills are equivalent to Sherlock Holmes', and he can discover all a person has done in the previous week in a matter of seconds.
His rarely used, heavy combat strategy is the HORUS suit (spoiler below).
The reasons for him to have obtained his powers and his certifications at such a young age and anything thereof are very well kept, as secrets, because Ivan is quite reserved about his past.
He constantly gets on people's nerves, because seeing as he's really, really smart, he can be very arrogantly annoying. He cracks jokes whenever he can when he's supposed to be doing very serious work, and will often look to his laziest, most drastic and action-scene options when on missions.
He's smug and stubborn, but really nice to those he trusts. If he becomes too attached, however, he may cause trouble. Or at least, more than usual. His regular behaviour shows he's calm, controlled and focused.

HORUS show

The HORUS (Hadron Operational Ringbound Union System) exosuit is a titanium/adamantium alloy-based full size metallic suit, light yet extremely strong, bound to a skull ring on Ivan's finger that when pressed can either expand or put away the suit.
The HORUS exosuit was designed originally to combat magic.
Mainly used for heavy combat, the exosuit is equipped with arm-cannons (quicksilver bullets and heavy lasers) and beam blades on the gauntlets. These gauntlets can also extert electric energy to power itself up or power other things.
The visor is like Ivan's eyepiece, except with much more space for detection, alerts and multitasking. It also has retractable mechanic wings that can boost him around the sky with thrusters. The suit also has an upgraded version, see the spoiler below.

Juggernaut, HORUS feature show

Refer to the previous spoiler for basic information.
When shifted, the HORUS suit changes into this:

When charged enough, Ivan can tap his skull ring twice to go from HORUS to Juggernaut. The charge is built up by damaging enemies, or recieving damage.
Charge, in RP logic, could be considered an amount of posts; if a conflict goes on for a while, about five posts of attacks and receiving damage will be enough charge.
Juggernaut is a much larger, taller, tankier version of HORUS, and hence is much, much stronger. This makes it slower also, however.
Instead of beam blades, Juggernaut is able to shoot out its rocket fists, that return to the arms. It is also capable of storing many quicksilver bullets, to be shot out machine gun style.
The lasers are much more potent, and can be shot out as laser missiles; bombs are also included. The biggest upgrade, though, is Juggernaut's rocket gauntlets. The gauntlets are capable of storing mini heat-seeking rockets that explode into a lethal amount of damage, enough to pierce the strongest metals.

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