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Hey people welcome to my profile and enjoy my weird Catwoman avatar
If it wasn't already obvious I like cats and I spelled cat wrong on my username on purpose
Anyways I was gone for like 7 weeks because I forgot my password like right after I made this account
best friends on this site so far show
partydude and ultron5.these guys make me feel welcome to this site all the other ones are just people who friended me for no reason

Age:like it matters
pending friend requests show
I probably won't add anymore people on here because chances are I don't know who you are and you don't know me either so why friend me at all

my random thoughts show
anyone else think it's kinda dumb for only friends to view your profile 🐱🐱🐱

Movies I like: guardians of the galaxy,x-men dofp,the hunger games, the fast and the furious,and others
Animated movies I like: the book of life,the spongebob movie,batman under the red hood,TMNT,and others
Favorite food: pizza, Chinese food
Favorite drink: lemonade, chocolate milk, herbal tea
Random stuff I like: action, creepypastas,parties, robots, turtles,horror movies,stars,water,cake,cool people,fnaf,trees that dance :3,superheroes and other stuff
Anything else you wanna know ask me in a chat or pm me
Feel free to leave me a comment that I will actually care about
So feel free to pm me for no apparent reason
And toodles for now
this x-men scene though show

this is so freakin adorable :3 show

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