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I'm gonna cut the crap so here some information

I'am pale and interesting I have a dark but kind nature I dont like many bright colours I like to hang around with my mates and watch anime, I go to college it's pretty cool animal colleges are awesome, I work with all sorts on animals.

+ + =

stuff about me name: Alice

Nickname: Alice In wonderland

birthday: 5th december

gender: female

likes: wolfs, rock music, my band t shirts and I play the drum kit and I can play a little bit of guitar

dislikes: rude people, haters, racism,homophobic people, people who like to start arguments and attention seekers (they never leave you alone!)

home: England, That's all you need to know stalkers

information: hit a happy time again, hope it lasts this time

music I am currently listening to...

avenged sevenfold- got a avenged sevenfold hoddie
the white stripes
red hot chili peppers- got a band t-shirt with the red hot chili peppers asterisk
alien ant farm
green day- got a green day t shirt that's green and has a grenade with wings
Paramore- got a t shirt and a hoodie from the 2009 tour
scouting for girls
snow patrol
maroon 5 -payphone
Ellie Goulding
Bring me the horizon
Bullet for my valentine- got a band t-shirt from when they performed in England in the royal Albert hall 28th march 2009
Black sabbath- got a t shirt
Black veil brides- got a BVB poster!!
Slipknot- got a band t-shirt
David Bowie- got a Bowie t-shirt and a cosmic hero t-shirt from hmv
Nirvana- got a nirvana face band t-shirt and generation x as well a a ''bleach'' t shirt
Cage the elephant- got a band t-shirt
Led zeppelin- got a band t-shirt of on of their first record album covers and got a led zeppelin record and led zeppelin 2 record
Jimi Hendrix
Pantera- got a vinyl record of cowboys from hell
King crimson- got a vinyl record
Unleash the archers
Rob zombie
The vines
Dead Sara
Fit for rivals
Ghost town
And many more
So yes I sometimes go old school and use my dads record player

credit goes to gokusupersaya and spiderpig also serakueyar33 for my rocking profile of AWESOMENESS!!

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 4425-2055-3101

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