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Name:Its A Secret...Jk Ask




Race:White-German-French-Indian-And Taiwanese/

I Am in 10th grade

I have over 13 rubiks cubes, and the collection only gets bigger.

Heres a little bit about me...I Play Softball, Pingpong, basketball, and Girls flag football . I love camping,going shooting we own 2 guns ^-^
I own a PS3, and PS4, i have a 3DS, I only Have 1 sibling i own a ping pong table and basketball hoop im Currently about to start 10th grade Woot Woot ^-^
Umm... You can ask me anything else you want to know

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Juan you are the most EPIC person i ever met! Even though we are many...many many miles apart, your still here for me. And i Hope we Never EVER stop talking. You're my Nigga , you're my Best guyfriend,and your my broskie :] Your there when im down, Angry, or worried. you have never said anything to make me sad.i better rap this up it getting pretty long but if you need a Friend, im always here (:

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Now Get off me damn profile, before i go Asian style on your sorry

Things change but maybe its for the best. (:

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 5327-1427-3851

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