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My Friend Codes!!!

3ds Fc: 4253-3733-4578

Mario Kart Wii Fc: 0433-5141-6079

Pokemon Y Fc: 4253-3733-4578

My Name Is Juan!

Snapchat: JJDestroyer94

Birthday: 9/24

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Living Area : California


[] Mad

[] Happy

[] Sad

[xXx] Confused

Dont's List

Never, Ever Mess With My Friends. If I Catch Any Of My Friends Telling Me That You've Hurt Them, I Promise You I Will Kill You Then Revive You Then Cut Off Your Fingers And Make You Eat Them Then Kill You Again. No Joke.

Don't Make Me Mad. Don't Make Me Mad And Things Will Go Okay.

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 4253-3733-4578

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