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Sorry for the bad quality of the picture :c. I'm 15, I'm a girl for everyone that didn't know. I plan on joining the Military, either Marines or Air Force. I'm a outdoorsman, I love Working out, Playing Football, Playing Video Games. I'm a Philly eagles Fan, I'm a Martial Artist I know three different styles. I love hanging out with my Best Friends, I love Call of Duty, Halo, Battlefield, Minecraft, Roblox, Pretty much all Video Games. If you want my social media's, I have Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, and Skype. If you would like these Pm me. Peace out! Cx xP

Kai Akuma show

Kai, Is twenty-two years old. He is also the Devil's Son. He is a former assassin that now lives and hunts for a living. He has blazing red hair, His eyes change to the color of his mood. He wears a cloth covering his face, tattoos over his body. He wears swords on his back and a cloth cover draping over his left shoulder to his other arm. He Is well built, Lean, Tall approx 6'4. He Falls in love easily, He has trust issues. He goes on missions from time to time Taking out the leaders of the world. He Is a handsom man, Trained to Kill, and very Protective when it comes to people he cares about.

Tesla Akuma show

Tesla, a twenty year old woman. She is Kai's younger sister, She is a Alchemist and help's Kai out when needed. She is a Fighter, Knows many different styles to many to count. She knows her weapons as well as the human body, She is Tall, Dark black hair with a tiny tint of blue, Her body is surrounded by flames the color changes to her mood. She Is very attractive, She is very protective. She keep's her lightsaber on her as well as a pistol strapped on her thigh with knives all over her.

Gray Xyugashi show
He is the best definition of a badass. He is twenty-three and in the mafia as a professional Hitman. He is very musuclar and defined as sexy as hell,He has Tattoos over his chest and back represent harsh or scarring things in his life. He has scars over his chest and back from years of fighting in the mafia. He is 6'4 with dark eyes and dark hair with blonde streaks. He is most likely seen with a suit or a tie. He is very dangerous, he has training in guns, knives, hand to hand combat. You name it he can do it. He is silent but deadly, he comes off rather charming and seductive. If your his victim be prepared to never see daylight again. To women he is to die for, To other people he is the deadliest man on earth. He carries a single sword on his back along with his modded sniper rifle. He is s force to to be reckon with.

Tor Xyugashi show
Tor is a charming seductive twenty-four year old male. He was a formal Hitman under Gray Xyugashi but later retired, having similar looks to Gray. He is very different, He is 6'2, Midnight black hair, dark eyes that could peirce through souls. A body that could kill, and a personality that women die for. He is a Protective, Stubborn, Seductive, Romantic, Charming. He is great with the ladies, he is a born fighter and survivor. He has Scars around his neck and arms and two long scars on his back going to his chest. He has a story to tell but keeps it a secret. He prefers to keep quite but when he needs to will speak up for anyone no matter the situation. He carries two long swords on his back with a knife on his inner thigh and two pistols on his outer thighs.

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