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Inferno Hades IH Thread V2 (1713)
Started: Apr. 12th by Soulonix
Last post: Mar. 03th by Soulonix
Friend Codes (4)
Started: Sept. 05th by DCGAMER9000
Last post: Sept. 02th by luigi50
ur fave 3ds games (19)
Started: Nov. 27th by jgirl94
Last post: Jun. 29th by SuperSealeo
Yesterday on ki:u, I FINALLY DID IT! (6)
Started: Oct. 03th by MetaKnight720
Last post: Mar. 12th by ChampionLeake
Adamant Ralts with synchronize... (3)
Started: Dec. 26th by PLMasterSSB
Last post: Dec. 31th by TrainerRed1
New Leaf items. (5)
Started: Nov. 25th by NeonTrees
Last post: Dec. 03th by Bean
Pokemon: Sun and Moon (9)
Started: May 10th by WiiGi
Last post: Nov. 24th by TrainerRed1
The Underground (Pokemon "league" info) (8)
Started: Apr. 03th by spadeguy
Last post: Sept. 27th by TrainerRed1
Umbreon for battling competitively! (10)
Started: Jul. 09th by PLMasterSSB
Last post: Sept. 27th by TrainerRed1
Adamant _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _? (2)
Started: Jul. 12th by PLMasterSSB
Last post: Sept. 27th by TrainerRed1
The TLF Clan For SSB4 3DS (13)
Started: Apr. 07th by SonicBoss1
Last post: Sept. 27th by TrainerRed1
If you had no idea what 3ds game you wanted... (4)
Started: Jul. 28th by XxFuzzballxX
Last post: Sept. 09th by Bean
Huge Developments in the 3DS Homebrew Community (24)
Started: Dec. 30th by BirdJesus
Last post: Sept. 04th by Betrrr
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