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Hey, my name is spadeguy,but you can call me Aaron. I'm 16 years old and I still love my 3DS!

My name is Aaron Fair, and I live in Maryland. Typically people would say "Dont tell them that much" but I don't care.

See, I know freerunning and parkour. If you want to catch me, I'd prefer you learn too, and good luck. Wanna talk about freerunning? PM me.
Nevermind, too many y people did and I ignored them.
Hoodie Allen is awesome.

Also, I love One Piece. First girl who likes it is immediately made my wife

I make stories often in the Creepypasta section. So yeah. Check that out...

Arena of Legends
New Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse
I plan on posting pictures of me somewhere on the forum eventually. I may make it my profile picture.

I can rap. I stopped lately, but I still occasionally write about videogames. Uploads as soon as possible, but still not soon. On a good day, I'd probably make you a short rap to a basic beat if you ask.

Yep... so that's it... oh one more thing! I'm 16 and I'm a guy and I'm straight. I don't care if you aren't straight, if you're a furry, hell you could hate me.

If I like you, we're friends.

My Friend Code is 1633-4227-0046. PM me if you add it.

The End

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 1633-4227-0046

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