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hi...i wrote a whole bunch of things but this stupid site didn't save it...well send me a pm/comment if u wanna be my friend! and no bad words or mean things in my profile!!! *coughkatelyncough*...please be my friend! toodles! by the me if you make profiles! but i need a 3ds? oops! i think i do! but i don't have one... if you can without the 3ds, please do know what i mean? (by the way right now i am talking to the girls) actually, i'm gonna re-write all the things that i said!
okay...lets start with my

age: i am 13 (sorry dekhoy that i lied to you...i didn't want you to feel bad...)

gender: i'm a girl (of course!!!)

what i like to draw: i like to draw animes & mangas (theyre my favorites!!!) i will like to post a picture but i dont know how to...

hobbies: i enjoy minecraft as much as my passion for playing/listening to music (which means A LOT!!! because definetly, minecraft is THE best game ever! am i right??? yes i am!!!)

fav type of music: hip-pop, pop, and rap

fav music: my top 10 favorite music is: CHEERLEADER!!!

fav band: definetly: FALL OUT BOY!!!

instruments i play (in order of how much im good):

1. the drums!!!

1. the piano

1. the violin

2. the recorder (i played it since i was in 2nd grade...but nobody cares am i right?)

2. xilophone (i do NOT know how to spell it and im going in 8th grade...(sorry for that one too dekhoy...)

3. the...oh! i forgot the bass in number one! you know...

3. the...the what again? i think thats pretty much it!

fav food: SUSHI!!! i mean, WHO doesn't like it? if you don't like it then send me a pm about, 'cause you're wrong...!

all the phones i got (in order): NONE! I GOT NONE! YOU HEAR ME? NONE!!! AND I'M GOING IN 8TH GRADE!!! (except for when i was was a "cheap" one...that broke the next day)

online family: i only have a mom and a sister: xXShaylaXx's my mom and squiddy's my sis...

ACTUALL family: my mom & my dad (of caurse, or i wouldn't be here),

my brother zac: 15

my sister marguerite (margo): 9

my brother noah: 10

type of person: i'm shy when meating ACTUALL people,

i'm a little annoying sometimes...

i swear whenever people are being mean to me...(calling them y es or other...)

i like it when people are being nice to me and i treat them the way i want to be treated...(except the swearing part)

i want an online dad (that'll be xXShaylaXX's husband, and i do not know why i just said that...)

i want another online sister and two brothers

and i do NOT want an online boyfriend (and still, do not know why i just said that...)

i also want an online daughter but no husband...oh! and an online got that peeps? just pm me if yo wanna be that person...though i can't add more people to be it if it's already taken...(but i CAN make exceptions...)
yo can always be my frien if it doesn't work...toodles!!!

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