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Welcome to the profile of NaruX! ~~

About Me show
PokeCat Was Here~ show
PokeCat was here, and customised NaruX's profile because it wasn't that great before! (No offence Naru. ) I go to school with this guy, friends till the end.

Roleplay Characters:

Naru The Wolf Pup show
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
A young wolf pup who loves to live in a cave. He has a crystal in his collar around his neck, which has may different powers. The crystal also allows him to turn human. When danger there is a danger to his life near, the crystal will glow a dark red color. He is also a cousin to Flame The Dragon King.
Tyra The Fox show
Gender: Female
Bio: A Fox of magics, she can be nice at times, and cruel at others. It is nearly impossible to know what she is thinking.
David The Raptor show
Gender: Male
Part of the team, he is a close friend of Naru The Wolf Pup. He often calls on him for help to battle the darkness.
Zero The Kid show
Age: 10
Gender: Male
Bio: A young kid with white skin and the tail of a demon. He may be young but he has more battle experience then Naru The Wolf Pup.

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