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Name (Emily)
Age (17)
From (Minnesota)
In a relationship (xxxxxx) 2.4.2016 with my Andrew!
Looking ()
to my Loving boyfriend Andrew! show

We knew each other basically our whole life! We did pretty much everything together from going swimming to just biking around are home! From that time on I knew I couldn't find a better best friend! I could tell

About this girl

Name: Emily
Age:16 all most 17
I'm in 11th in high school
In love with:
Favourite color: pink
Sports I play
And I run every day......

I want to have 5 kids but I want to be done having kids by my 29th bday I love kids so much

me show

My friend said I had a nice butt so I had to post this one Lol what do you think ?

Me and my brother! <3

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