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I'm not on here much anymore, and i apologize. If ya wanna contact me elsewhere, here's some stuff to contact me with!

-Skype: Master_of_War69

-Facebook: Ask

-Instagram: Xx_Bruticus_xX

-Quotev (though it's not a popular one, it's like WattPad or whatever it's called): Bruchiticus

Twitter: XxBruticusPrimexX

Email: [email protected]


Age: 2,000,000,000 (looks 16)

race: demonic angel-borg

Hair: Black

Eye color: electric blue

height: 6'

powers: can switch between full human, cyborg, and full robot.
oh, he's elemental

Kaleb Reeves

Age: 18

Type: demon-borg

Hair: Black

Eyes: Electric blue

Family: none

Description: he's very defensive, he's what people would call "the lady's man", he'll be by you every step of the way and trustworthy if you're on his good side. If you're'd better not be in the same town.

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