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I'm 17, I'm in 11th grade, My real name is Humberto, I have black hair,brown eyes,and I'm fit, have a v-line with the 6-pack included ,and I'm Spaniard. my family is wealthy, We have a Two-story house, Two Mercedes-Benz and One 2009 Mitsubishi Gallant. I love Racing and action video games and, I also like action movie's. Also Nike is what i always wear when I'm working out no matter what I'm always wearing Nike! I'm a Quarterback for my private school. I live in Texas. I also run Cow town Races as a hobby,my records are:59:05minutes,44:15minutes, and 30:39minutes. Today, February 23, 2013 I beat my record time and finish the 5k Cow town in 25:03!!! Faster every year! Today Feb. 23, 2014 I have beaten my record of last year at the 5K Cowtown Race with a Time of 22:43!!! Snapchat: HumbertoDLR Insta: humbertodlr_
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