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October 2, 2013 - Im BACK! Im finally a teenager! 13 years old! My birthday was 5 days ago. My name is Jovial Green, im an epic site builder, i LOVE animating(still havent stopped since hatena ended), and i love to play sports! Sadly my awesome hand was injured when i tackled someone playing football(two days ago). So, join any of the sites i added to get to know me better!



DSiPad(lots of drama though. I might quit it.)

Kingdom Lights(It was hacked D: Made by my good friend @Elements5)

StarNeko Island


Social Maximum! By me and Elements5!

Or Tabloo! Join now!

Woah. A year later 10/24/14

See that? Time goes by fast lol Almost Christmas 12/13/14(lol) -Jt

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