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ABOUT ME!!!!! show
hey you guys and gals.

my name is Gabriel Jaimes and my age is 16.

what i like to do is: play video games, go swimmimg. read manga and watch anime, play soccer, and of course hanging with friends.

I'm kind of shy around new people so bare with me haha.

anyways get to know me an we'll already be best friends


Also i'm a huge fan of the Kingdom Hearts saga! don't ever dis about it infront of me or else!

RP Character!!!!

Takeshi show
Name: Takashi Age:16 Personality: Tall, hardly shows emotions, a master in swordsmanship, great at drawing and skateboarding.

Kyle show
Name: Kyle, Age: 15, Personality: Nice, quiet, funny.

Lil Joshua show
Name: Lil Joshua Age: 7 Bio: nice,bit clumsy, only knows air bending right now as of now, always helps his friends.

Joshua show
Name: Joshua Age: 14-16 Personality: Nice, cool, funny, knows how to Air bend, Fire bend, Water bend, Earth bend, and Shadow bend(it's when he controls an enemy's shadow, and makes it do an action, which will then reflect onto the enemy holder of the shadow.)

Alisa: Age: 16-20 Eyes: Blue Hair:Blonde Skin:White Gender:Female Bio: She is Joshua's Sister and unlike Joshua she doesn't have powers like him, but she can sense aura's and she is very timid around new people and sometimes gets loud when she's nervous. She can wield a special type of sword called the light blade and this blade can conquer most darknesses and normal beings. She's nice, knows how to cook, and can also fight well with her sword.

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 0705-2470-6210

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