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Hey, My name is Brayden. Im a guy,18! [7/24/98], and im a furry[Grey wolf] If you dislike furries then read no further and if you think messing with my friends is ok, think again......
Date joined : 2011
RP info:

1)Kaine 18 [likes to wear a black hoodie and camofage pants] has a wolf tail in his human form which sticks out the back of his pants /has the ability to turn into a feral Grey wolf at his will.

2) (Used once)Kaine was born with the ability to turn into a grey wolf]
Wears a military uniform[has a sniper rifle on his back, 2 pistols]
was in the army]Was part of an elite team of soliders know as "Wolf Team"]nicknamed "DogSoliders"] the soldiers were injected with his blood so they to could turn into wolves as well] his entire team was killed in battle except him]

Fave bands-Dimmu Borgir/Skrillix/System of A Down/Rammstein/SaVant

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