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Oc Name: Moka Amaryllis Sumeragi
Scp code: SCP-GUARD-001
Pony name: Winterfire
Pony: Female alicorn (Pegasus/unicorn)with white coat w/ teal splashes on ends and blue rainbow-dash-ish mane/tail with lighter stripes and headset/mic, has bands around legs with fire pattern and cutie mark is campfire w/ blue flames
Human: Same as pony exept with human looks
wolf-cat: Red version of looks for pony with wings.
She is the ruler of all dimensions.
My name is Laurel Elizabeth Norton!
Age: 12
Birthday: 7/14/02
Hair: Long, brown hair with golden, red and burgundy highlights and a cowlick.
Height: About 60+ centimeters
Weigh: Around 90/100+ Lbs.
Eyes: Slanted, brown
Mom's name: Gwen Elizabeth Hasheian/Norton (Hasheian was a name my mom's past family members gave themselves when they immigrated from Armenia to the USA, but before the immigration, it was Hashkhashian)
Dad's name: Joel Richard Norton (Norton means "On the north farm"
FC: 4871-5277-7509
1.) No spamming the comments!
2.) No spamming with PMs, either! (YES, ALSO YOU, GUMMYBEAR. 030)
3.) If you ever want to report someone, just PM me with a message with the title "I Report (username)!" I will delete the comment(s) that are offensive if I send a reply to you with the title "username) has been dealt with"
Thank you!
I also own these Threads on The forums :
- Nintendogs+Cats TM Thread
Any Requests?

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 4871-5277-7509

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