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I'm the must fun/emo/shy kind/crazy person you'll ever meet I'm ..and I love rping

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Tt show

Name Tt age:15 [turns 16 in a few days] bio: shy kind fully of scarcasm,is in love with her friend Ash,she is very emo looks: Black hair pail white skin,blue eyes wears: A red hood to hide her face,and a red dress weapon: Bow and arrow,she is now a phantom

Ada show
[green] age: 21 She's a an assissan elf/dark angel she is german,shes fun,but serious she doesn't really,act fun she is easly annoyed

Razor show
Age: 21 bio: evil,always plotting he was killed by his sister Tt,and was sent to hell,but he excaped,and he will not rest until she is dead looks: black hair red eyes wears: a black leather coat,and black jeans with matching boots powers: mind control and shadow control,he also has the power of madness

Creepypasta Rp's
Eyeless Alice show
Age: 18 bio: The daghter of Eyeless Jack,and Nina The Killer eats hearts she carries around a a blood stained teddy bear,thats missing its eye

Soul eater Rps
Makoto Stein show
[gray] Age: 16 bio: serious doesn't smile much loves to decesst stuff,is steins "Little girl" hates witches,the second best meister at the DWMA weapon parther: none

Tt's Theme song(s) #1 By myself (Linkin park)

#2 Figure.09 (Linkin Park)

#3 Somewhere I belong (Linkin Park)

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