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Name: Alex

Sex: Male

Age: 12

Fav Colour: Crimson

Most Fav Game: ROBLOX

Location: Scotland, United Kingdom

H4D Account: MemeMachine aka YKYS

Hobby: Going outside

Born: December the 5th, 2005, 9:25AM.

ppl that hve changed my life: CodyP2000, xXStrikerXx & IXPLODE.

I also have autism, I hope no one will make fun of me!

Cats are cute!!

Lets make 3DSPlaza & Home4DSi better!

·-OC List-·

Miles Heldens aka Pluto
Age: 27
Fav Colour: Green
Back Story: Nother died of Stage 4 Lung cancer, all is lost for him. The rest is gone for him. *INFORMATION LOST*
Sex: Male
Information: He is a skilled archer with stealthily reflexes. Gets emotionally stressed out if he looses something very important about him. *CANNOT CONTINUE*
Quote: War is power. Peace is silent.

Age: Unkown
Fav Colour: Purple
Backstory: Was created by an AI Engineer called,"Aidrian Thomas"
Sex: Female
Information: Is Glitchy's AI friend. Is cheerful all the time.
Quote: Never give up!

Leon McLaren aka Glitchy
Age: 22
Fav Colour: Black
Backstory: Was in a lab accident that lead him to hack and to go inside any computer. His only friend is FAIL_SAFE.
Sex: Male
Information: Is heavily wanted for his powers. Can be very shy and dosn't that much. Wears a mask that shows his emotions through emote eye screen on the mask.
Quote: Stay Strong

Leviathan aka Max Manser
Age: Unkown
Fav Colour: Grey
Backstory: Was in the same lab accident as Glicthy but got shadow powers.
Sex: Male
Information: Unkown. But he has been seen by River Song.
Quote: Your afraid of the dark but, I'm more than the dark.

River Song
Age: 38
Fav Colour: Pink
Backstory: Was born with powers that can do time travel, control time and space. Travel through dimensions and universe aka the multiverse.
Sex: Female
Information: She is very kind hearted and she is also an Elve.
Quote: You're lucky to be alive!

Lord Shaxx
Age: 57
Fav Colour: Red
Backstory: Born in a poor family, he ventured out to train as a Lord.
Sex: Male
Information: Once Lord Shaxx became a Lord, he went on an adventure to find his long lost brother. When he found his big brother he trained him into being a Lord, which his brother became Lord Saladin.
Quote: Lets trade punches, I'll let you go first!

Lord Saladin
Age: 62
Fav Colour: Crimson
Backstory: When about 3 years old he ran away, but much later on his younger brother Lord Shaxx found him and trained him into a Lord.
Sex: Male
Information: Lord Saladin & Lord Shaxx were taken from their time into the future by River Song to help others in need in the future. Lord Saladin took an interest in Blacksmithing!
Quote: Fire needs oxygen to stay burning. People need Oxygen to stay alive.

Age: Unkown
Fav Colour: Unkown
Backstory: Born from the depths of hell.
Sex: Female
Information: She is now currently sleeping in rest but will awake soon. An entity that will destroy anything in her path!
Quote: Face it, there is nothing else to do now.


CEO: PlutoniumFalls

Chairman: N/A

Excecutives: N/A


Advanced Black Ops Security CEO: N/A

Advanced Black Ops Security: N/A



Scientist & Professor CEO: PlutoniumFalls

Bioligist: N/A

Archæologist: N/A

Epidemiologist: N/A

Meteorologist: N/A

Astronomers: N/A

PlutoniumFalls does not have a Nintendo 3DS / Nintendo 3DS friend code.

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