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About me:
I'm Pidgey, better known as Plapatin.
I am (likely) one of the oldest members still around.
If you see me, don't be afraid to say hi.
I'm trying to get back into the spirit after a ~5 year hiatus.

Meanwhile, in Plaza show

Malachi (Pronounced Mal-Lah-Ki) show

Malachi is a sleepy, timid Jigglypuff that wears a paper hat for whatever reason. When not in a Pokejinka world, Malachi is just some sleepy dude who likes arts and crafts. While very handy with tools, Malachi is not the best at fighting. Sudden bursts of bravery are usually what keep him alive, but he likes mostly supporting, not attacking.
Malachi is 19 years old, male, and likes macaroni and cheese.
Too Long; Did not Read!, sleepy crafty hungry Malachi.

eKo show

eKo is a mysterious, humanoid robot that expresses its emotions through emoticons. It appears to be self-conscious and not very hostile. eKo was developed as part of an underground research program for telekinesis. This being said, eKo's weapon of choosing is telekinesis. It seems to have no voice. eKo mostly observes and rarely interacts. Highly interested in small animals/bugs.

Extremely quiet.
Magic or somethin.
Small things and stuff.
Refer to picture for appearance.
No gender.

Best Fwiendz show

Pin_The_Person: Pretty much the Rule 63 version of me.

Samurott: Godamnj, Jane. Gj on mod. buuuut you're still awesome.

DarkLord105: He liked my cake recipie.

PokeGenius: Been with me since day one. He does act a bit odd, but really is a nice guy.

TREEhugger101: Before she was a forum mod, she was my bestie. Kawaii Kiwis.

SoulReaper: Dratina, Dratina, Dratina. We like to eat eachother. Mostly Drat.

sandy: She was the first person I ever did a profile for and she loved it. -b Good job, me.

That's all I can think of right nao.

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 1075-1438-7988

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