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Hey! I am MickeyGP1378 and welcome to my super ultra duper advanced high-tech OP profile!

Male, my real name is Miguel and my favorite color is orange. I like computers, or tech in general, except Apple products because those are overpriced, underpowered, hard-to-mantain pieces of junk.

I live in Venezuela, which means I am a third-worlder with no money myself. But I do own quite a bunch of videogame consoles and computers (''somehow'')

I don't really play a lot of games so I really don't consider myself as a gamer. But I do play quite a few however, such as Minecraft and Nintendo stuff. I stopped playing Minecraft regularly a few years ago because playing alone is boring and the community is full of screaming toddlers. On the Nintendo side of things... I really like Super Mario Galaxy and Mario Party games, those are hella fun.

Consoles and some other crap I own that everyone totally cares about:
Nintendo Game Boy Color
Nintendo Game Boy Advance
Nintendo DS Lite
Nintendo DSi XL
Nintendo New 3DS XL
Nintendo Wii
Yet another NinI'm dying and this is getting ridiculousTendo Wii

Microsoft Xbox 360

Sony PlayStation 2
Sony PlayStation 3 Slim
Sony PlayStation 4
Sony PlayStation Portable

Some additional worthless and unnecessary placeholder text things and... stuff I guess... Or is it?
I use Discord more regularly than 3DSPlaza so add me there. I won't put it publicly because I don't want to be spammed with friend requests. If you want it ask me via DM.

Please add me on 3ds, i am lonely.

Yeah, one more thing I forgot to point out, I like turtles.

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