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12-18-13 </3 -Danny
11-23-13 <3 v.v - Cody.........
Owl and Tigger <3 -Jordyn
10-14-13 ~ :c - Justin....

~ Tanner ~

My Princess c: show
Well Hey Jackie! This is Daniel :3 I hacked you ouo Well, I just wanted to say all of this that I'm now writing. I'm very lucky to have you, You saved me and I thank you for that ^.^ You're my puzzle piece that I've been missing, and when we found eachother, I was finally complete :'D Jackie, I know that you might say that what I'm about to say isn't true but.. You're beautiful in every single way. You have to stop doubting yourself, SnowFlake. I'm happy that you're my best friend c: You're my Princess, My Snowflake c; My Cuddle buddy, and my Adorable TeddyBear <3 Christmas is coming up and I already have a few gifts for you, I'm sure you'll love them. That's all for now, Bye c: !

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