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Ok let's real talk.
6-7 years ago (I can't remember exactly how long ago) I started my wonderful journey on Home4DSi... how many remember that? Many friends were made.
Then I found 3DS Plaza. Best thing to happen to me while owning my 3DS. I can't believe all of that is so long ago... all the friends made and lost. It's a very sad thing to me to see how dead this website has become. My wish is to see it resurrected or reinstated with newer Nintendo devices. I still feel Nintendo should have worked with Rob in making this an official 3DS feature... it was amazing.

If any of you out there remember, I was originally Darkfire. Don't hesitate to get in contact with me.

PlayStation Network: FrumpyPants
Steam: FrumpyPants (best bet is Steam or my email)
Origin: FrumpyPants
Battlenet (Blizzard Launcher): FrumpyPants (DESTINY 2 PC-- October 24, 2017)
And finally email (doesnt this break 3DS Plaza's rules or something?.. I'm 19 for crying out loud and in Criminal Justice. I can put my email on a slightly dead website like this, especially since it isn't my main email)

Please any of you out there.. Contact me. Love you guys and love this site. May 3DSP live on.
-Andrew~ (FrumpyPants)

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 4296-4317-6887

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